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Our Expertise

We offer DevOps services that enable faster and more reliable software releases. We automate your workflow with continuous integration. We make sure that we implement best DevOps practices that accelerate software delivery.


We work with all kinds of version control sites and services, self-hosted or otherwise.


We are able to make your workflow more efficient, and scale your infrastructure using best script and command languages!


Cloud or bare metal, we are able to rise to the occasion. Our team is experienced in all kinds of environments.

Our clients


Karanovic & Partners

  • Law firm

We assisted Karanovic & Partners with network testing for the purposes of ISO standardization. Karanovic & Partners is a regional legal practice in Southeast Europe with tradition spanning over 25 years and cooperating offices in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Albania. As a recognised market leader and award-winning firm, they are constantly ranked as a top tier firm by all relevant directories.

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  • High traffic auction site

Limundo is Serbian e-commerce pioneer, with more than 1 million users and 14 million transactions. With its specific purchase method - online auction - Limundo has been connecting bidders and sellers since 2006. It’s a high traffic auction site with as many as 10.000 people on the line at the same time and about 15 million pageviews per month.

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  • Research and Development

ZeaStim is team of experts that create reliable, efficient, high quality and in practice confirmed e-shop sites, software solutions and web sites.

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  • Online marketplace

Kupindo is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of items, with more than 2,300,000 active listings in various product categories and over one million visitors per month.

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  • Enhancing he world through knowledge, networks and engagement

Navus has a mission to enhance the world through knowledge, networks and engagement. With the focus on events, conferences, congresses and meetings of all sizes, it's harnessing the power of people when they come together to create new learning and solutions. Their goal is to enable organizers to create impactful journeys for their attendees, sponsors, speakers and visitors regardless if they participate on site, virtually or both. They achieve this through innovation and technology. It is a Swiss based company with a team across four countries with combined decades of experience in driving solutions for hundreds of international and local conferences, meetings, events and projects.

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  • Full-service digital agency

A full-stack and service team from the world of programming, business and agile. Incorporating our know-how allows us to start from scratch and build fully functional products. If you care about offering better services to your users, we can bring your ideas to life!

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  • Premium technology services

Alterset provides clients with premium technology services. Trust we've built with our clients and our strong service portfolio are a guarantee of our commitment to the clients.

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  • Social network serving the distinctive online needs of today.

“The missing link” between users and the internet. A new way of internet and a social network with a mission to create civic value and to make the world a better place.

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